Allstate Claim Satisfaction Guarantee – 877-926-2009

The toll free telephone number to get information on the Allstate Claim Satisfaction Guarantee is 877-926-2009.

How the Allstate Claim Satisfaction Guarantee works is rather simple. First off you have to be an Allstate customer, then you have a car accident and file a claim with them. Then Allstate pays your claim, but you’re not happy or satisfied with the results. Then you send us a letter to Allstate explaining why. Here’s the address:

Allstate Insurance, CSG
P.O. Box 11904
Roanoke, VA 24022-9933

Allstate will then give you up to a six-month credit on your car’s premium. It is that easy. Call Allstate toll free at 877-926-2009 for more information or to receive a free rate quote on auto insurance.

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