Bulimia Nervosa Helpline – Toll Free Phone Number

Bulimia Nervosa 24/7 Toll Free Helpline

A toll free phone number for the free 24/7 Bulimia Nervosa Helpline is 877-926-8084.

Simply call the Bulimia Nervosa Helpline at the toll free phone number of 877-926-8084 anytime 24/7 for live professional help. Bulimia is a serious illness in which a person loses control of their mental faculties and then binges on food or has regular episodes of overeating phases and senses a complete loss of control. The person then uses different methods — such as vomiting (Roman Dieting) or abusing laxatives and other such substances to hinder caloric absorption — to prevent an increase in weight. Many (but not all) folks with bulimia also have the condition known as anorexia nervosa. In any case this is a serious condition and the requirement of serious professional attention is a must. Do not attempt to go at bulimia alone for yourself or your precious loved one. There is professional help available for free anytime 24/7. Simply call the toll free phone number for the National Bulimia Nervosa Helpline at 877-926-8084 to get the help you need. Find local treatment options available in your area.