Dish Network 1800 Phone Number

Dish Network Telephone Number

A toll free 1800 phone number to order new service with Dish Network is 877-640-8878. A phone number for existing customer service is 855-318-0572.

When seeking to purchase new Dish Network (DISH) service from anywhere in the USA, simply call the toll free 1800 number of 877-640-8878 to set up new service. This phone number for the exclusive use of new customer sign-up is available 24/7. Call now to discover the latest specials available for new customers. For qualification purposes, all you need is a valid debit or credit card attached to a bank account. Simply call the toll free phone number listed above to set up your new service. You can also just tap the graphic located above with your smart phone to be directly connected. This special 1800 Dish Network Customer Service line for new subscribers is available 24/7. Call now and order a home satellite entertainment package that is custom built for you and your family. The over the phone sign-up process is fast and easy. If looking for another phone number, there is this alternative entry: Dish Network (DISH) Phone Number.

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