Lyft New Driver Registration Phone Number

Lyft New Driver Registration Phone Number: 888-607-1838

Lyft Self-Employment Phone Number

Call the toll free phone number of 888-607-1838 to register with Lyft with any of their self-employment opportunities as a new driver.

The toll free phone number for Lyft Driver Recruitment Q&A or to sign-up as a new driver is is 888-607-1838.

Hours of Operation:

Mon-Fri: 9:00 am to 8:00 pm
(all times Eastern)


Candidates must:

Be a lawful U.S. resident with a valid U.S. work visa;
Be at least 21 years of age;
Have held a valid driver’s license for at least one (1) year;
Own [or lease] a car that is eligible to drive for Lyft;
Have a valid email address and telephone number
Be willing to consent to a background check and have a valid SSN
Be on the phone themselves, (i.e. person on phone must be signing themselves up only)
Own a smartphone

Looking for the ultimate self-employment solution? Lyft matches drivers with passengers who request rides through their smartphone app, and passengers pay automatically through the app. Whether you’re trying to offset costs of your car, cover this month’s bills, or fund your dreams, Lyft will get you there. So, go ahead. Be your own boss. Start by calling their toll free phone number shown above during the hours of 9 am to 8 pm Eastern time.

Lyft is your hassle-free source for a great full or part-time income. Lyft provides your coverage via insurance policies, at no cost to you, the driver. They worked with leading insurance carriers in all of their operating locations to provide various coverages including: commercial auto liability insurance up to $1M per occurrence, contingent comprehensive and collision insurance for drivers who carry comprehensive and collision coverage on their personal auto policy, and coverage for bodily injury caused by uninsured/underinsured motorists when you are engaged in a ride. If you already carry commercial insurance or personal coverage providing specific coverage for ridesharing, Lyft’s policy will continue to be excess to your insurance coverage. Please note, the above coverage may be modified to comply with local regulations or state laws. The Lyft policy is available in all states in the U.S., except for those rides originating in New York City with a TLC (Taxi and Limousine Commission) driver. Call the toll-free phone number shown above if you have any questions or require additional information. Call today and discover what self-employment opportunities Lyft has in store for you.