ServiceMagic – 877-779-3952 – Customer Service Phone

A toll free phone number for ServiceMagic is 877-779-3952.

There is simply no better place to find a contractor to work on your home improvement. Pick up the phone and call ServiceMagic today at the toll free phone number listed above or in the banner below. The process is fast and easy and you will be glad that you did! All contractors are screened and have passed ServiceMagic’s rigorous security checks. Call Now: 877-779-3952

Service Magic is a free service to homeowners, where they can search for professionals nationwide. ServiceMagic has over 40,000 contractors in their network that can be matched to these homeowners, from remodelers, architects, plumbers, and many more.

Homeowners can be matched up to 4 professionals for each of their projects, for free! Consumers can have contractors compete for their business. By being matched to several pros in their area they can review other customer’s comments on each contractor, and pick who is right for them.

Call ServiceMagic today at the toll free phone number of 877-779-3952.